Polyester Resin

CCP (Cook Composites & Polymers), stands in a leading place for the production of gelcoats and in second place for the production of unsaturated polyester resins and derivatives in the world.

Its extensive range of products allows manufacturers to produce composites combining an unlimited choice of shapes, colours and surface finish, together with light weight, rigidity or flexibility, as well as thermal and corrosion resistance.

Standard Polyester Range:

  • The ’Encore’ products are our general purpose polyesters, available based on Ortho or DCPD/ISO resins and with a range of geltimes.
  • Norsodyne 6397: is our standard ISO resin available for hand-lay or injection processes.

Examples of application specific polyesters:

  • Norsodyne E9045: A highly filled polyester designed for industrial purposes such as tank manufacture, allowing production of lower cost final product.
  • Norsodyne E9046: A low viscosity, low thixotropy, DCPD product designed for a hybrid injection/hand-lay process used in flagpole manufacture.
  • Norsodyne G703: A specialised ISO resin designed for pultrusion.